make your own dry rub

Make Your Own Dry Rub When we prepare our pork and our tilapia, we use a special dry rub containing a secret mixture of spices, salts, herbs, and sugars, which help to break down the meat and add huge amounts of flavor. Our Rib dry rub contains 18 ingredients!

You can use a dry rub on any meat, poulty or fish or your choice. They even work with vegetables as well. The salts in the rub help to break down base ingredient which lets the other flavors soak in. This makes for extremely flavorful dishes! Try experimenting different amounts of sugar and salt, and marination times to see how the results change.

Making your own dry rub can be fun, and it’s quite simple! Check out this article at Southern Living which explains how you can make your own dry rub right at home.


Photo: Southern Living