rito loco has been nominated for best food truck 2015!

Washington City Paper Best Of 2015 is currently underway and we are in the running for Best Food Truck of 2015! We were honored to take home the title in 2013, and we have worked hard to earn the title again this year. If you have not cast your vote for Best Food Truck, we would be grateful to have your … Read More

food fact: our habanero salsa can extend your life

Capsaicin found in chili peppers is known to promote fat burning and increase metabolism, but researchers are now showing evidence that they can kill cancer cells and may even extend lifespan. Past research suggested that spicing food with chilies can lower blood pressure in people with that condition, reduce blood cholesterol and ease the tendency for dangerous blood clots to form. The … Read More

rito loco will begin building at 606 florida ave. in march

It’s been a hell of a lot of work, patience, and so much paper work! but the wait is finally over – we have received our building permits and renovations will begin at the 606 Florida location in March! We will continue to update you as progress is made and dates become more final. Keep an eye out for updates on … Read More

food fact: tomatoes help to naturally prevent skin cancer

We use fresh, vibrant tomatoes every day in our pico de Gallo (which is included in most of our burritos) and in our habanero salsa. Not only do they taste delicious, they are a valuable source of nutrients for our body. Did you know Tomatoes are part of the fruit family? Here are some more fun facts about tomatoes: Eating cooked tomatoes may … Read More