606 florida ave nw

Rito Loco's New Storefront at 606 Florida Ave NWAs many of you know, we have been working on opening our first storefront in DC. Over a year and a half ago we started to put our plan into action now we are just one inspection away from opening our doors.

We had hoped to be open a lot sooner. We are aware that we have been saying for the past month that we “will be open any day now” because we truly thought we would. But, as this is our first storefront we ran into some unexpected hurdles…Ok, a lot of unexpected hurdles. It’s been a hell of a learning experience; one we are grateful for having, but one we are glad not to live again. Now, we are waiting on our final inspection and then we can open our doors officially for you.

We cannot wait to see you at 606 Florida Ave NW! You will hear from us immediately after the inspector has left the building.

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Photo Credit: Rey Lopez

Updated on October 19